Gary Coursey

founder's legacy


As founder of Gary B. Coursey & Associates, Architects Inc. in 1971 Gary had more than 50 years’ experience in the Architectural profession and had managed to complete numerous projects representing over $3.0 billion in construction costs.

Mr. Coursey built an innovative architectural practice focused on the highest level of creativity and design and GC&A has designed and built many LEED certified projects.

He focused on thinking outside of the box in Architectural solutions to ensure the highest client satisfaction, which has resulted in long-term client relationships. Serving as primary contact between the client and the design team, Mr. Coursey overseen the design of over 500,000 units of multi-family, student housing projects, senior living and assisted living projects across the nation.

Gary loved what it was to be a businessman and was very successful at it. He was always, even from the roots he fondly recalled as a country farm boy, an army veteran and, a former volunteer firefighter – just a rough and tough kind of guy. He was a loving, caring person, no matter who he was dealing with on the other side of the table, be it in the boardroom, in the office, in the job trailer, or on a construction site in muddy boots.

As a byproduct of his life’s work and the many relationships he nurtured and fully appreciated are many of the buildings he and his firm designed and saw to completion. Some of these buildings are iconic edifices along skylines throughout the country, and especially here in the southeast and Atlanta, and will remain so for generations, as part of his life’s work legacy.