Erika Hogan

Project Manager


Erika Hogan is a lead architectural project manager & designer. With her diversified background spanning architecture and psychology, Erika brings a uniquely qualified point of view to her client’s projects. Her cultural, social and emotional understanding of the relationship between buildings and their users drives thoughtful, successful designs. Her fresh perspectives, leadership and detail-oriented nature influence her efficient, refined project management style from small-scale buildings to multi-million-dollar developments.

Erika’s talent, tenacity, and trend spotting position her as a valuable asset to the GC&A team while actively pursuing her professional licensure as an Architect. Erika currently holds a Master of Architecture from Georgia Institute of Technology and a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from the University of Georgia.

“In the world of architecture, the invisible force of psychology guides our creations, as we craft spaces that transcend mere structures and touch the depths of the human spirit. With every line, curve, and space we design, we wield the power to shape emotions, inspire connection, and elevate lives. Embrace the harmony between psychology and architecture, for within this fusion lies the key to building a better world, one meaningful space at a time.”