Dillon Mertens

Project Manager


Dillon joined the Gary Coursey and Associates as a Project Manager following graduation from Georgia Tech with his Masters of Architecture. Dillon brings a body of experience dating back to 2008, including work in such varied arenas as adaptive reuse, hospitality, medical, restaurants, multi-family, and high-end single family. He also has a fabricator’s mindset, with extensive experience ranging from hand crafting to CNC fabrication and additive manufacturing (3d printing). In his time as a PM at Coursey & Associates, he has provided designs for multiple clients ranging from a structurally challenging adaptive-reuse multi-family project to the buildout of a brand new MRI facility located in the heart of Atlanta. Dillon enjoys the technical aspects of projects as well as the big picture design, and has a sincere passion for working through complex programmatic challenges. He strives to deliver the best possible design solutions to his clients and is a strong believer in cross- disciplinary design, enjoying the collaborative nature of design, architecture and engineering.